Microsoft Azyxxi Screenshot

Tony Chen over at the Hospital Impact blog, has posted up some thoughts and the following screenshot on Microsoft’s Azyxxi software: 

Azyxxi Screenshot 

European Commission Telemedicine Survey

The EC is asking telemedicine experts to contribute to a survey of Telemedicine for Chronic Care:

The European Commission (EC) invites experts in the field of telemedicine to respond to a short online questionnaire designed to collect information on the role of innovative technologies for chronic disease management. The answers will help structure the TeleHealth 2007 conference (Brussels, Belgium, 11 December 2007) and will influence the way in which national problems will be addressed.

The online questionnaire should be completed by October 26, 2007 and is available at:

The TeleHealth 2007 conference will provide a platform for exchanging experiences and discussing the reasons why telemedicine is not yet as developed as it should be. The EC aims to propose concrete actions and solutions at a European level. Purely national issues, e.g. those related to specific national legislation, will not be addressed; the conference will focus on issues common to several Member States or related to cross-border activities and that would benefit from a European slant.

The answers to the questionnaire and the outcome of the conference will help build the EC Communication on ‘telemedicine and innovative technologies for chronic disease management’ planned for October 2008. This communication will be the culmination of a process starting with the current consultation aiming at gathering expertise in all Member States.

Registration for the TeleHealth 2007 is available at:

Two Thirds of Bolton GPs Want to Scrap Summary Care Records

Article in Pulse about a recent survey of GPs in Bolton, UK:

Two-thirds of GPs in the first area to adopt the Government’s controversial Summary Care Record want to scrap the project, Pulse has learnt.

Plans to roll out the scheme in Bolton, Lancashire, are already three months behind schedule.

But now an LMC survey shows most of the town’s GPs are opposed to forging ahead with uploading patients’ details and sharing them with local hospitals.

The LMC said GP opposition remained despite months of Connecting for Health road shows and events aimed at winning them over.

Ninety-eight of the town’s 169 GPs responded to the survey. Just 20 respondents were in favour of forging ahead with the Care Record while 67 were against.

So far, 8 practices in the town have uploaded their patient details but the Summary Care Record has yet to be deployed in unscheduled care.

Dr Chris Woods, a member of Bolton LMC, said: ‘It’s a statistically useful survey and it seems to point to the fact that the majority of doctors don’t want it.’

Dr Bernard Newgrosh, a GP at Great Lever health centre in the town, said he was ‘totally against’ the project.. Some 166 of his patients have already opted out of having a Summary Care Record – even though his practice is not tak-ing part.

‘A girl came to see me practically on the first day of this thing and asked if her termination of pregnancy was in her record. She said she was ‘dead meat’ if details of the termination got out.’

Bolton PCT admitted the project had caused ‘a degree of controversy’ among GPs.

Dr Gillian Braunold, clinical director for the summary care record and a GP in Kilburn, north London, claimed a ‘critical mass’ of GPs were already on board with 34 of the town’s 57 practices signed up.

‘I met 40 of them on Wednesday who were very happy,’ she said.

The PCT had hoped to start using the records for unsched-uled care in July and in the out-of-hours service by late September but the project has been delayed.

Chris Russ, assistant director of IM&T at Bolton PCT, blamed the slow progress on key staff being away over the summer holidays but insisted: ‘The PCT now plans to introduce access to the out of hours service shortly, which will be followed by the walk-in centre and A&E at the Royal Bolton Hospital..’


Medical 2.0 Directory

Uri Ginzburg MD, MBA is a physician and entrepreneur who is co-creator of a new website that can be a base to a future social networks for professionals and even consumers.

The first phase is to create an aggregation tool for all the health 2.0 tools and even web 2.0 tools that can help physicians and scientists in their work.

Check it out here: