Super-speed internet could help Telemedicine

Japan has recently launched a new Satellite capable of providing internet connectivity at speeds of 1.2GB/sec around the world.

The satellite will initially focus on the Asia-Pacific region around Japan.

“Among other uses, this will make possible great advances in telemedicine, which will bring high-quality medical treatment to remote areas, and in distance education, connecting students and teachers separated by great distances,” JAXA said.


Published by

Dr Chris Paton

Dr Chris Paton is the Group Health for Global Health Informatics at the University of Oxford.

2 thoughts on “Super-speed internet could help Telemedicine”

  1. hi,

    nice info

    i really want to know how about my feeling when i’m using 1.3GB/sec for internet connection.

    building an infrastructur for high speed internet connection underground is harder than in the sky, although it’s absolutely expensive

  2. This is very exciting news! I have said it again and again – as internet speed and coverage increases, telemedicine technologies will effect health care in ways most can’t imagine.

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