Telemedicine link between India and Africa

India-Africa telemedicine link established:

He walks into a consulting room at Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and greets a doctor at the Care Hospital in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

Linked by a high-speed Internet connection, the doctors study X-rays and laboratory results.

Flipping between charts, they use light pens to point out important features. They can see each other in windows on their screens, while medical charts fill the rest of the display.

India launched this “telemedicine” project in Ethiopia last July at a cost of $2.13 million. The project links hospitals in Ethiopia with the Hyderabad-based Care Group of Hospitals, India’s leading cardiac institute.

The scheme is part of the pan-African e-network, a 5.42 billion-rupee ($135.6-million) joint initiative between the African Union and India which was launched in Ethiopia last year to improve Internet links and communication.



  1. Yes, it is good to India, launching the “telemedicine” project. And also we think, India has to change it’s healthcare system. It has to move towards to the Electronic Medical Records.


  2. Check out the video on the Offsite Care website. It contains a great example of how a rural hospital is using robotic telemedicine to deliver intensivist services to patients in the ICU.


  3. Great information! Telemedicine truly extends the boundaries of healthcare. Of interest might be iCons in Medicine, a non-profit that allows physicians to give and receive specialty consultations.


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