ePocrates for iPhone

Epocrates have released their iPhone version as a downloadble, installable application. This means that you no longer need internet access to use ePocrates on the iPhone:

Epocrates Rx software for iPhone is now available for download for FREE!
Epocrates Rx allows for instant access to drug Information, pill ID,
drug Interactions and reference formulary Information – all without the
need for Internet connectivity!

This launch is due in large part to the overwhelming demand and passion
of Epocrates users like your readers! We sincerely thank your coverage
for driving Apple’s decision to support our development and even feature
Epocrates in the App store for the Health & Fitness category!

We designed our software specifically for the sleek and user-friendly
interface of the iPhone platform taking advantage of the innovative
interface and computing power. Be one of the first to see it at


  1. I just added it & it’s awesome! I’m a nurse & this is so much better than looking in my drug book. I like that it works without service because I barely have service on my unit at work (for some odd reason).


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