Canadian Economic Stimulus Includes $500m for Health IT

The government of Canada is to spend an additional $500 million on Electronic Health Records to help stimulate the economy:

The federal government confirmed $500 million more in funding Wednesday to support electronic health records, a move announced last month in its budget.

An electronic health record system “will save time and lives by reducing duplication, improving the management of chronic disease, improving access to care and boosting productivity,” Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said Wednesday.

The technology gives health-care providers a more complete picture of their patient’s health history to improve care, Health Canada said.

It’s hoped that electronic health records will:

  • Reduce wait times by speeding the flow of information through the system.
  • Eliminate duplicate or unnecessary tests.
  • Reduce medication errors and remind health-care providers of necessary tests or vaccinations through automated alerts and reminders.


One Comment

  1. Just a few months ago the MassMedia and the Liberal Party were “BS”ing Canadians about how the failing economy needed stimulas. Well we got a 50 Billion dollar “Bail Out” package. Now the MassMedia and Liberal Party are “BS”ing and complainting about a 50 Billion dollar Deficit. Let’s be frank ! Any child from grade 3 can figure out the math. (0 less 50 equals minus 50). What a “Phriging Phasade” – (please note the clever way this writer has sublimated 2,3’s into MassMedia 🙂 Then again “why is it call MassMedia anyway ? Cause IT’s for the MassEs 🙂


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