NHS to tender for alternatives to iSoft and Cerner

e-Health Insider is reporting that the NHS is going to tender for alternatives to iSoft and Cerner for the National Programme for IT.

You can watch the full video of the Health Select Committee here:


They discuss the NPfIT at around 43 minutes in.


  1. […] “NHS chief executive David Nicholson told MPs on Wednesday that the Department of Health is going to tender for alternatives to the iSoft Lorenzo and Cerner Millennium care record systems. Nicholson said that the tender was being carried out as insurance because the National Programme for IT in the NHS is now at a “critical phase”. He said both the iSoft and Cerner products needed to come good in the next few months.” Article Jon Hoeksma, e-Health Insider, 12 March 2009 Thanks to Health Informatics Blog. […]


  2. About time, but is it too late? I just get the feeling that this issue will now leave more Trusts wondering “what’s the point?”. It’ll will remain up to individuals to make the decisions which was the way it was before, more or less.

    And hopefully this will open the door for the small-medium companies that have been kicked out of the market (or at least side lined) due to these over ambitious, and quite frankly ludicrous projects. The door to innovation might well reopen…


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