EpiSurveyor Used for Polio Containment in East Africa


EpiSurveyor is being used to investigate and contain a polio outbreak in East Africa. Handheld devices or mobile phones are used to log symptoms of patients and the treatment they receive. It’s an open source application funded by the United Nations and teh Vodafone Foundation Technology Partnership. The project is due to be expanded to included another 20 countries in Africa.

Here’s a video of EpiSurveyor running on a phone:


  1. Thanks for mentioning our EpiSurveyor project. Just wanted to note that while the official rollout, with WHO, is expanding to 20 countries, in fact ANYONE can use the software for free right now. Just go to http://www.episurveyor.org to create forms, watch tutorials, and learn more.

    EpiSurveyor allows anyone to create a data collection form in minutes which is then immediately accessible worldwide to anyone running the software on their Java-capable mobile phone (if the form creator has given that person access to the form).

    Again, http://www.episurveyor.org for more info.


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