Health Informatics Discussion Forum

The Health Informatics Discussion Forum is a social network set up by Health Informatics lecturers and students.

We now have almost 350 members (and counting…) from all over the world and lots of interesting discussions about health informatics.

If you haven’t joined yet, you can register here, and if you are already a member, you can invite your friends and colleagues to join by clicking the ‘Invite’ link on the main menu.

Health Informatics Videos

I’m collecting as many videos and presentations as I can find and uploading them to my new Ning website:

Take a look and if there’s a cool video you know about, feel free to add it on. If you are already a Ning user, log in and click ‘Add a Video’.

UK’s Map of Medicine Acquired

Congratulations to Map of Medicine’s founders Owen Epstein and Mike Stein and their team:

Hearst Corporation today announced the acquisition of U.K.-based Map of Medicine, a leading provider of evidence-based health-care resources designed to help health practitioners make sound decisions by following accessible clinical information on a range of relevant medical issues. The announcement was made by Victor F. Ganzi, president & CEO, Hearst Corporation, and Richard P. Malloch, president of Hearst Business Media. Map of Medicine, formerly owned by Informa plc, will be managed in London as a separate operating unit (Map of Medicine, a UK limited company) of Hearst Business Media.

Read more on CNN Money

Sir Muir Gray on the Map of Medicine:

Eric Schmidt Video from HIMSS 2008: Google Health

Eric Schmidt delivers a keynote speech at HIMSS 2008 on Google’s activities in the healthcare space.

Health Informatics selected as Grand Challenge for the 21st Century

Leading tech visionaries and futurists such as Google’s Larry Page and J. Craig Venter have chosen the advancement of Health Informatics as one of the 14 most important engineering challanges of the 21st century.

Other important challenges identified by the National Acadamy of Engineering include reverse engineering the brain and making solar energy economical.