GymFu – use your iPhone to improve your health

By using the combination of a portable device, a built-in accelerometer, and internet connectivity, GymFu is a great way to get fit.

The iPhone’s accelerometer counts your push-ups and the internet connection allows you compete with other iPhone users and record your progress.

Check it out at


iChart from Caretools is now available at the iTunes App store for iPhone:

iChart at the Apple iTunes App Store

iChart at the Apple iTunes App Store

Read more at Caretools.

Thanks to David Yee for the info.

ePocrates for iPhone

Epocrates have released their iPhone version as a downloadble, installable application. This means that you no longer need internet access to use ePocrates on the iPhone:

Epocrates Rx software for iPhone is now available for download for FREE!
Epocrates Rx allows for instant access to drug Information, pill ID,
drug Interactions and reference formulary Information – all without the
need for Internet connectivity!

This launch is due in large part to the overwhelming demand and passion
of Epocrates users like your readers! We sincerely thank your coverage
for driving Apple’s decision to support our development and even feature
Epocrates in the App store for the Health & Fitness category!

We designed our software specifically for the sleek and user-friendly
interface of the iPhone platform taking advantage of the innovative
interface and computing power. Be one of the first to see it at

MIM Radiology iPhone App wins Apple Award

The MIM iPhone Application has won an Apple Design Award for the best iPhone Health App.

The MIM iPhone Application provides multi-planar reconstruction of data sets from modalities including CT, PET, MRI and SPECT, as well as multi-modality image fusion. Using the multi-touch interface, users can change image sets and planes; adjust zoom, fusion blending, and window/level; and measure dimensions and SUV.


Smartphone use by doctors on the increase

My friend Dr Mo Al-Ubaydli has written a great piece for iHealthBeat about the rise of Smartphone use in Doctors’ offices:

More and more doctors are using smartphones — essentially PDAs that can make phone calls — in their daily lives, yet few of them are integrating the devices into their clinical practice. New clinical software designed specifically for smartphones is helping to overcome some barriers, yet there are other roadblocks preventing smartphones from becoming much more common in medicine than they are now.

Read the article

(Mo and I produced The Doctor’s PDA and Smartphone Handbook published by the RSM Press)

Dental Software for the iPhone

I’m researching medical software for iPhones at the moment and Rob from the iPhone Developers Ning community pointed me at this:


Anyone seen any other medical software for iPhones?