University of Auckland in Second Life

Tour of the University of Auckland’s Second Life presence – “Long White Cloud” with Scott Diener. It’s a virtual medical centre with beds, ambulances, and simulation facilities:

Watch in HD at YouTube:

Second Life Hospital

Second life’s first hostpial has opened:

Swina Allen

Dove of Love Family & Maternity Hospital.
On March 15, 2008, Mr. Misfit March put his wifes(Rowanda Simons) dream and his building skills together and built the first virtual hospital in SecondLife.

I took the time to interview Rowanda Simons (Owner)
Question: SadeCollins: Why did you open a Hospital?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: “Because of my BAD experiences in SecondLife with OB/GYN and Child Birth.”

Question: Sade Collins: What makes your facility different from others?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: The interactions from real people behind the Avatars who make it as close to real life as possiable.

Question: Sade Collins: What is your Goal?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: The Birth of a child is very special to me and I want the Women of SecondLife to have an oppertunity to share in all the JOY and Happiness in Family. “

Here at Dove Of Love Hospital, the woman is cared for from the time of confirmed pregnancy throughout the birth of her baby and after. The Babies are known as Prim Babies cry, laugh, asked for food and crave attention. Like in real life Expecting mothers and babies are given WIC that can be eaten, regular checkups and total care.

But this Hospital is Not only for Women to give birth, But Families( children and men) also can come here when sick and recieve treatment. This is a full service hospital with staff to assist you with your needs.

Patients from the Dove of Love Clinic are being seen currently. But the Grand Opening for the all new Dove of Love Hospital is March 30, 2008 @ 7: AM slt to 6:PM slt- Following With a Gala Event with the Sexy Divas at Fantasia – Resort “Club Love “come out bring your family and join us Tours will be given as needed.

*Photo’s from taken from the Grand Opening and The Gala Ball Following*

From SL iReports (CNN)

Web 2.0 and Medicine

Bertalan Meskó has uploaded his Web 2.0 and Medicine talk from the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference:

[splashcast MPWF5381CE]

(Spotted this via a tweet by Richard MacManus pointing to his blog post – Twitter is a useful way to get snippets of info on subjects you are interested in)

iVAS: International Virtual Association of Surgeons

iVAS has announced it’s first virtual conference to be held on 22nd April 2008:

iVAS is a group of surgeons and scientists who want to change the way scientific communications are currently conducted, we will organise conferences entirely within the virtual world. This lowers the cost of attending, negates the need to travel and creates novel surgical research networks across the world.

The First iVAS conference will be held on the 22nd April 2008, the themes will be on: Surgical Technology, Education, Robotics and Simulations.

The aim is to use virtual worlds as a novel method for collaboration and dissemination of surgical research.

This is being run as part of Imperial College’s Second Health project (

More info on the iVAS homepage