Kevin Peyton on Web 2.0

Kevin Peyton has put up the slides from his presentation on Web 2.0 in Healthcare from the Health Informatics Society of Ireland conference:


The presentation at
Health Informatics Society of Ireland
The Health Tech Blog

New Health Informatics Discussion Forum

Health Informatics Forum

We’ve set up a new Health Informatics Discussion Forum. Sections include Evidence Based Medicine, Electronic Health Records, Decision Support Sytems, Standards, Careers, Education and more.

Medical 2.0 Directory

Uri Ginzburg MD, MBA is a physician and entrepreneur who is co-creator of a new website that can be a base to a future social networks for professionals and even consumers.

The first phase is to create an aggregation tool for all the health 2.0 tools and even web 2.0 tools that can help physicians and scientists in their work.

Check it out here:

Web 2.0 in Healthcare

Generated ImageI’ve been watching the Web 2.0 meme for a number of years. I run an online community site that could be said to fit into the Web 2.0 realm. At first, the term Web 2.0 stuck me as a clever bit of ironic marketing: traditional software comes in nicely packaged releases, therefore wouldn’t it be fun to pretend the next ‘version’ of the www has just been released. Well, the marketing worked and the term has gradually come to represent some of the newer and more interesting trends in website construction and use.

 If you want a quick summary of Web 2.0 in Healthcare or ‘Health 2.0’ as it’s now being termed, check out this video from the recent Health 2.0 Conference:

The IMIA has recently set up working group to look at how Web 2.0 is affecting healthcare. There is a portal site at: a new Ning social network:

The Medical Librarian’s Association also have a Web 2.0 group and have recently released the results of their  into Web 2.0 usage amoungst librarians:

There’s also a recent ‘Blog Carnival’ to celebrate Web 2.0 in Health Informatics going on:

If you want to keep up-to-date with Web 2.0 in Healthcare, Bertalan Meskó’s Scienceroll is the blog to watch.