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Smartphone use by doctors on the increase

My friend Dr Mo Al-Ubaydli has written a great piece for iHealthBeat about the rise of Smartphone use in Doctors’ offices:

More and more doctors are using smartphones — essentially PDAs that can make phone calls — in their daily lives, yet few of them are integrating the devices into their clinical practice. New clinical software designed specifically for smartphones is helping to overcome some barriers, yet there are other roadblocks preventing smartphones from becoming much more common in medicine than they are now.

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(Mo and I produced The Doctor’s PDA and Smartphone Handbook published by the RSM Press)

Telemedicine link between India and Africa

India-Africa telemedicine link established:

He walks into a consulting room at Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa and greets a doctor at the Care Hospital in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad.

Linked by a high-speed Internet connection, the doctors study X-rays and laboratory results.

Flipping between charts, they use light pens to point out important features. They can see each other in windows on their screens, while medical charts fill the rest of the display.

India launched this “telemedicine” project in Ethiopia last July at a cost of $2.13 million. The project links hospitals in Ethiopia with the Hyderabad-based Care Group of Hospitals, India’s leading cardiac institute.

The scheme is part of the pan-African e-network, a 5.42 billion-rupee ($135.6-million) joint initiative between the African Union and India which was launched in Ethiopia last year to improve Internet links and communication.


UK’s Map of Medicine Acquired

Congratulations to Map of Medicine’s founders Owen Epstein and Mike Stein and their team:

Hearst Corporation today announced the acquisition of U.K.-based Map of Medicine, a leading provider of evidence-based health-care resources designed to help health practitioners make sound decisions by following accessible clinical information on a range of relevant medical issues. The announcement was made by Victor F. Ganzi, president & CEO, Hearst Corporation, and Richard P. Malloch, president of Hearst Business Media. Map of Medicine, formerly owned by Informa plc, will be managed in London as a separate operating unit (Map of Medicine, a UK limited company) of Hearst Business Media.

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Sir Muir Gray on the Map of Medicine:

Second Life Hospital

Second life’s first hostpial has opened:

Swina Allen

Dove of Love Family & Maternity Hospital.
On March 15, 2008, Mr. Misfit March put his wifes(Rowanda Simons) dream and his building skills together and built the first virtual hospital in SecondLife.

I took the time to interview Rowanda Simons (Owner)
Question: SadeCollins: Why did you open a Hospital?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: “Because of my BAD experiences in SecondLife with OB/GYN and Child Birth.”

Question: Sade Collins: What makes your facility different from others?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: The interactions from real people behind the Avatars who make it as close to real life as possiable.

Question: Sade Collins: What is your Goal?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: The Birth of a child is very special to me and I want the Women of SecondLife to have an oppertunity to share in all the JOY and Happiness in Family. “

Here at Dove Of Love Hospital, the woman is cared for from the time of confirmed pregnancy throughout the birth of her baby and after. The Babies are known as Prim Babies cry, laugh, asked for food and crave attention. Like in real life Expecting mothers and babies are given WIC that can be eaten, regular checkups and total care.

But this Hospital is Not only for Women to give birth, But Families( children and men) also can come here when sick and recieve treatment. This is a full service hospital with staff to assist you with your needs.

Patients from the Dove of Love Clinic are being seen currently. But the Grand Opening for the all new Dove of Love Hospital is March 30, 2008 @ 7: AM slt to 6:PM slt- Following With a Gala Event with the Sexy Divas at Fantasia – Resort “Club Love “come out bring your family and join us Tours will be given as needed.

*Photo’s from taken from the Grand Opening and The Gala Ball Following*

From SL iReports (CNN)