A Neuroanatomist describes her own Stroke


Dental Software for the iPhone

I’m researching medical software for iPhones at the moment and Rob from the iPhone Developers Ning community pointed me at this:



Anyone seen any other medical software for iPhones?

Eric Schmidt Video from HIMSS 2008: Google Health

Eric Schmidt delivers a keynote speech at HIMSS 2008 on Google’s activities in the healthcare space.

Should Medical Software Be Free?

I’ve been looking a lot at open source medical software and business models recently. Co-incidentally, there’s a new book by Chris Anderson (Editor of Wired and author of ‘The Long Tail’) on the subject of products being free:

DLD08 Life: a gene-centric view

In this talk, Craig Venter and Richard Dawkins discuss the digitisation of genetics. Dawkins states the Genetics could now be considered a branch of Information Science.

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