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Gwen Darling has set up a great new resource for Health IT professionals called Healthcare IT Central. The site is an expansion of her Healthcare IT Jobs website and in addition to the Job Board, it also features content, news, and a blog roll.

US Health and Human Services Secretary Recognises Health IT Standards


On Wednesday, the HHS Secretary has recognized the second set of Interoperability Specifications developed by HITSP, specifically Emergency Responder Electronic Health Record, Consumer Empowerment and Quality. The federal register notice announcing this is located at

Details of US Health IT Stimulus Package

John Glaser, VP and CIO at Partners HealthCare System has posted up some details on HIStalk on the $20 bn Health IT portion of the US Stimulus Package:

  • Provision of $40,000 in incentives (beginning in 2011) for physicians to use an EHR
  • Creation of HIT Extension Programs that would facilitate regional adoption efforts
  • Provision of funds to states to coordinate and promote interoperable EHRs
  • Development of education programs to train clinicians in EHR use and increase the number of healthcare IT professionals
  • Creation of HIT grant and loan programs
  • Acceleration of the construction of the National Health Information Network (NHIN)

The details are from page 138 onwards of the House Ways and Means bill (PDF).

Senate Hearing on Health IT

Peter James commented on the earlier post about Obama’s $50 Billion Health IT plans:

As of late, two more interesting developments in HIT regarding the US Congress. My member of Congress, David Wu, is reintroducing this bill.

Senate Hearing on Health IT

Also, on 15 January, 15:00 UTC, the US Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee will have a hearing of HIT investment, details here. (You can watch a video of the hearing)

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