HIMSS Webinar on Health IT Economic Stimulus

himss webinar

HIMSS are running a series of Webinars (free to members) about the Health IT stimulus in the US:


Prof. Jim Warren Blogs from HIMSS 09 in Chicago

Prof. Jim Warren, Chair in Health Informatics at the University of Auckland has been blogging from HIMSS 09 in Chicago:

Prof Jim WarrenIt’s the world’s largest health software exhibit; and it looks it, too. More than once I was simply lost in the acres of vendor booths, and equally felt a surge of vertigo when looking out over the forest of vendor banners – Siemens, Perot Systems, Allscripts, etc., etc., etc. Somehow the vertigo seems to increase after they start giving away drinks around 4.30pm.

Nonetheless, the opportunity for hours of back-to-back demos, all in one spot, is just wonder and so informative. Before talking about personal highlights from the demos, I might mention a couple of the keynote presentations.

If you want technical presentations that take you to the leading edge of methods of information in medicine, go to the AMIA Annual Symposium, not HIMSS. For glitz and big names in the plenaries, however, HIMSS has AMIA beat to the nth degree.

Read Jim’s blog post in full on the NIHI Blog

Who’s Blogging HIMSS 09?

So, who’s blogging from HIMSS09 in Chicago?

Karen Day is holding up NIHI’s blogging effort here: http://nihi.net.nz – her blog on Day 2 of HIMSS is here.

Apart from Karen, bloggers around the world are covering the event. There are several ways to scan the blogosphere for HIMSS goodies:

1. Read the HIMSS tag page at wordpress.com
2. Do a search on Google Blogsearch for HIMSS
3. Read the Technorati tag page for HIMSS
4. Catch up on the latest tweets about HIMSS on Twitter

Here’s a selection of blog posts from the past 24 hours or so. Lots of talk about achy feet and general buzz around at HIMSS this year. Could it be something to do with the Obama Stimulus Package??

Matthew Holt from the Healthcare Blog
Mr Histalk (and Inga)
Pharm Aid
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn from Health Populi
Ben from TempDev
Business Technology Blog
John from Chilmark Research
Ben Mehling from Medsphere
John Sharp
Neil Versel
Dr Joe Kim
Oliver Emmler
Shelly from Legacy Data Access
Microsoft’s Bill Crounse
Dr Val
Tim J Edwards

Plus – watch videos from HIMSS from EMR Update

Health Informatics Conferences

We’ve been compiling details of upcoming Health Informatics conferences and events on the Health Informatics Discussion Forum:


So far we have:

Health IT Conclave 2009

HIMSS AsiaPac09

Adopting Integrated R&D Informatics Systems

UC Davis 3rd Annual Health Informatics Conference “Innovations in Informatics

HIMSS MiddleEast09

IADIS International Conference e-Health 2009

MedInfo 2010

If you want to add a conference, just register (for free) on the site and post up the details of your conference:


Eric Schmidt Video from HIMSS 2008: Google Health

Eric Schmidt delivers a keynote speech at HIMSS 2008 on Google’s activities in the healthcare space.