University of Auckland in Second Life

Tour of the University of Auckland’s Second Life presence – “Long White Cloud” with Scott Diener. It’s a virtual medical centre with beds, ambulances, and simulation facilities:

Watch in HD at YouTube:

Versatile, Immersive, Creative and Dynamic Virtual 3-D Healthcare Learning Environments: A Review of the Literature

The JMIR has just publised a review article by Margaret Hansen on the use of Virtual Worlds in healthcare education:

The author provides a critical overview of three-dimensional (3-D) virtual worlds and “serious gaming” that are currently being developed and used in healthcare professional education and medicine. The relevance of this e-learning innovation for teaching students and professionals is debatable and variables influencing adoption, such as increased knowledge, self-directed learning, and peer collaboration, by academics, healthcare professionals, and business executives are examined while looking at various Web 2.0/3.0 applications. There is a need for more empirical research in order to unearth the pedagogical outcomes and advantages associated with this e-learning technology. A brief description of Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations Theory and Siemens’ Connectivism Theory for today’s learners is presented as potential underlying pedagogical tenets to support the use of virtual 3-D learning environments in higher education and healthcare.

Teens Visit Second Life Doctors for Embarrassing Illnesses

Article in the Guardian:

Spanish health authorities launched a virtual portal through the Second Life website yesterday designed to help young people too embarrassed to speak to a doctor about sexually transmitted disease or a drug problem.

Real doctors will log on and offer advice to their anonymous patients. What both will see is an image of a consulting room with a doctor and a typical patient.

Dr Rosario Jimènez, of the Adolescent Attention Working Group, is one of the doctors who will spend up to four hours a week answering their virtual patients’ questions.

She said: “Teenagers do not often go to see the doctor but this is an efficient and amusing tool to reach them because we can both use the same route. Even though they do not often suffer serious illnesses, they often expose themselves to risks which can develop into problems in the future.

“This is a way to talk about their doubts about taking drugs or sexual relations which they cannot do in a traditional consultation.”

The Second Life health portal was set up by the Spanish Society for Family and Community Medicine (FYC) and the Coalition for Citizens with Chronic Illnesses.

Dr Luis Aguillera, FYC president, said: “This idea started as a way to connect health professionals and adolescents and to give internet users a reliable space to get health advice.”

The Spanish-language isla de salud (health island) on Second Life will also include detailed information on health matters and a meeting room for website users.

The FYC plans to open other Second Life portals for chronic conditions in six months.

Aguillera said: “Even though a virtual consultation can never substitute for a real face-to-face one, we will be able to deal with problems of dermatology and psychology through a webcam.”

Second Life Hospital

Second life’s first hostpial has opened:

Swina Allen

Dove of Love Family & Maternity Hospital.
On March 15, 2008, Mr. Misfit March put his wifes(Rowanda Simons) dream and his building skills together and built the first virtual hospital in SecondLife.

I took the time to interview Rowanda Simons (Owner)
Question: SadeCollins: Why did you open a Hospital?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: “Because of my BAD experiences in SecondLife with OB/GYN and Child Birth.”

Question: Sade Collins: What makes your facility different from others?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: The interactions from real people behind the Avatars who make it as close to real life as possiable.

Question: Sade Collins: What is your Goal?

Answer: Rowanda Simons: The Birth of a child is very special to me and I want the Women of SecondLife to have an oppertunity to share in all the JOY and Happiness in Family. “

Here at Dove Of Love Hospital, the woman is cared for from the time of confirmed pregnancy throughout the birth of her baby and after. The Babies are known as Prim Babies cry, laugh, asked for food and crave attention. Like in real life Expecting mothers and babies are given WIC that can be eaten, regular checkups and total care.

But this Hospital is Not only for Women to give birth, But Families( children and men) also can come here when sick and recieve treatment. This is a full service hospital with staff to assist you with your needs.

Patients from the Dove of Love Clinic are being seen currently. But the Grand Opening for the all new Dove of Love Hospital is March 30, 2008 @ 7: AM slt to 6:PM slt- Following With a Gala Event with the Sexy Divas at Fantasia – Resort “Club Love “come out bring your family and join us Tours will be given as needed.

*Photo’s from taken from the Grand Opening and The Gala Ball Following*

From SL iReports (CNN)

iVAS: International Virtual Association of Surgeons

iVAS has announced it’s first virtual conference to be held on 22nd April 2008:

iVAS is a group of surgeons and scientists who want to change the way scientific communications are currently conducted, we will organise conferences entirely within the virtual world. This lowers the cost of attending, negates the need to travel and creates novel surgical research networks across the world.

The First iVAS conference will be held on the 22nd April 2008, the themes will be on: Surgical Technology, Education, Robotics and Simulations.

The aim is to use virtual worlds as a novel method for collaboration and dissemination of surgical research.

This is being run as part of Imperial College’s Second Health project (

More info on the iVAS homepage